• Fresh is an independant parisian leather goods brand. Initiated in 2017 by Heidee Fresh, it took almost two years to gather all the precious talents inclined to bring the brand to life. Officially launched in 2019, our brand is the result of a new approach of what handbags are. Considering handbags as propaganda tools led us to a complete renewal of the entire handbags designing process. This is why, all our prototypes are being meticulously designed around the notion of "impact" since the very first steps of their conception. What comes out from the skilful hands of our craftsmen goes beyond the established definitions of what handbags are. We are not only creating high-end leather goods. We create more than fashion accessories. We create impact amplifiers.



Which one will be yours? 


"Handbags are an extend of whom we are. Our personality, our mood, our style, our values and sometimes even our social status are conveyed by the handbags we chose to carry. They're our propaganda tools. Through them, we enhance our image. We control it. Do never ever neglect the way you choose yours."

- Heidee Fresh, Fashion Designer & Founder of H • Fresh -